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The Debra Shepherd Podcast | Meaningful Living

May 3, 2020

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, I talk to Amanda Owen about how to pivot your way to even greater success.


Amanda Owen and her husband JP are the cofounders of Jasper Avenue, a unique visual content creation agency in Sydney. They’re incredibly passionate about helping small businesses harness the power of social media through visual storytelling.


The couple recently launched Sydney Product Photography which specialises in jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, apparel and lifestyle brands and before Jasper Avenue, Amanda and JP were the proud owners of Sydney’s bustling Inner West cafe, Well Co.




Deciding to pivot. [14:10]


The impact of social media for small business. [16:23]


The power of thinking big and starting small as an entrepreneur. [20:21]


Deciding to innovate and change direction during times of crisis. [24:30]


Tips for entrepreneurs wanting to change direction or pivot in business. [27:37]


Why visual storytelling is essential for business. [31:55]


How humans have always related to storytelling. [38:09]


Why Amanda and JP are so passionate about what they do. [40:46] 


Instagram @jasper.avenue 


Instagram @sydneyproductphotography 


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