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The Debra Shepherd Podcast | Meaningful Living

Apr 19, 2020

In this episode of The Debra Shepherd Podcast, I talk to Abbey Rose about embracing change and stepping into your personal power.


Abbey is based in Newport Oregon, she is a practicing stylist for nearly 20 years, and the owner of Abelia Salon (a sustainable wellness salon in Newport Oregon). Abbey is also a Psychic Intuitive trained in healing the past, setting intentions and goals.


As a Psychic, Medium, and Empath, Abbey is passionate about holding space for people to do inner work, to move old energy out, and to help you see your unique path toward genuine joy and fulfilment.


Abbey believes the inner work we do for ourselves unlocks our potential for freedom, abundance, passion, healing, and love.


Manifesting successful businesses involves growing your personal power and abundance. And, it’s the healing arts that gave Abbey a flashlight into the dark, where all answers and possibilities exist. They allowed her to make the shifts she needed to fully love, live, and thrive.




Abbey’s decision behind creating a sustainable salon. [8:00]


The importance of turning inwards during times of change. [10:30]


What it means to be in your personal power. [12:49]


Looking for opportunities and having a positive mindset. [15:35]


Setting goals to maintain progress without stress. [22:25]


The power of connection, collaboration and community. [28:00]


How the healing arts have changed Abbey’s life. [32:56]


The fear of being seen and why it holds people back from creating more meaning in their lives. [43:05]


Instagram @abbeyrose_mysticstylist




Get the full show notes including all links and resources mentioned in this episode here.


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